Thursday, November 19, 2020



We all know that there is at least ONE person in the family, WHO CAN’T COOK.

If you are that person, I need to tell you something….WE NEED YOU!

Can you cook a dressing? Goodness no!

Can you bake a pie, that won’t give us a diarrhea? Probably Not!

Can you be trusted to thoroughly clean meat or collard greens? NOT A CHANCE, but guess what?

Sis, you are necessary. You are the catchall and no Family Dinner is complete without you.  You are the dishwasher, you are the quilted, thicker picker upper! You are the ‘refill girl’ for Big Mama and the upper echelon Aunties.  You are dynamic at picking out foil- you don’t do thin foil, YOU DO REYNOLDS HEAVY DUTY!!  And you never get the flimsy paper plates, why? Because you are a Boss! You are the one who gets the name brand soda for the adults, and the off brand juices for the kids, and you even pitch in a few bottles of water, why? Because you understand that some people need caffeine, and other people need to filter their bladder.  And you NEVER forget the paper towels! YOU ARE ESSENTIAL, SIS, and Thanksgiving would be a complete train wreck without you!

And who’s to say that you even want to cook?!

Maybe you don’t want to stand over a stove all night.

Maybe you don’t wanna wash collard greens or cut up any vegetables.

Maybe bringing paper plates is truly what your non-cooking heart desires.

Sidenote: If you want to start cooking for the big family dinners, start making your signature dish around Easter-but keep it at your house-just in case it tastes like trash.

Either way, we love and appreciate you!

Check out the video and let me know which one you are, during the holidays!