Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Hi, can you tell me where I can find Destiny?"

I sometimes wonder if I've lost track of the trail leading to destiny, or if destiny is somewhere on a drug addicted binge, roaming amuck in search of it's next hit while I guess it's location. Why can't I find destiny? The consistent confusion drapes me and suffocates my hopes of becoming something, somebody. But for whatever reason, my foolish faith and my hunger to succeed, won't let me stop searching. Though I lost my GPS several moons ago, and have received erroneous direction from those already settled into their seemingly small contentment, I still keep going. I honestly can't see the benefit in stagnancy. If I stop now, I will always wonder what the outcome would have been. What's the excitement in wondering? I challenge you to keep going, even when the pavement becomes nothing more than gravel and rocks. I challenge you to keep walking, even when your feet are treading the unknown and the ground has proven uneven. Keep walking, surely destiny is searching for you as well. And once you two meet, my oh my, what a collision.
Travel the road
And travail the journey.
And though confusion has caused you to withdraw and isolate yourself, cut your ringer back on...I would hate for you to miss the call of Destiny.

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