Wednesday, April 15, 2015


                    Here's one minute of motivation.....depending on how fast you can read.

          How many bricks will you lay, building another man’s vision? How long will you set the foundation to someone else’s dream, all while the blueprint to your own dream remains unattended?  Fear would have you to think, you are more successful as a co-star. More prosperous as a Side-Kick, but how long will you ignore the fire that burns within? You have been given gifts and talents to do, the very thing that consumes your mind so much.  How about doing it? There are 24 hours in a day, dedicate one to your own future. One hour to water what has been thirsting for growth, one hour to a childhood dream that has been pulling at your coattail for years. One hour, to a vision that has been blurred by people who refuse to see you for the trailblazer you are. One hour, to the yearning that sits in the pit of your stomach, hungry for fruition and destiny. It is now time to make it your time!

disclaimer: Author is not responsible if reader cannot finish reading paragraph in one minute. No time-refunds will be issued.

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