Friday, January 13, 2017


Have you ever found yourself too comfortable to grow?  I think at some point, we all have. Destiny, sometimes, seems too big to obtain, and at times too far to reach; at least without a little help. We hide in our 9-5’s, we get comfy in stagnant relationships, and at times, our gifts wither away.

I am finding that God, or the universe, (or whoever YOU call this higher power), will sometimes FORCE us into destiny, because if we continue at our own pace, we will never get there.  Reflect on your life. Are there any instances where you can say “I didn’t succeed in this, until I failed at that”? Maybe you lost a job, maybe you lost a possession, dealt with eviction..and it wasn’t until you were forced to be broken at the bottom, that you were able to trek to the top.  Maybe there is opportunity in opposition. I have heard plenty of entrepreneurs say that they would have never committed themselves fully to their craft, if they hadn’t been faced with some type of opposition. Which in turn, worked the end.  In the middle of a thing, it is hard to see a happy ending.  So we rarely see the good in anything that makes us feel bad.

Maybe we should change our perspectives on what we call opposition or pain. Maybe these hard times are nothing but canals to the better. More less, they are routes to the front yard of destiny.  So before you spend any more time, wallowing or grieving for the place in which you were comfortable, perhaps you should take this time to see the hidden opportunity within the pain.  Newly divorced? This could be the perfect time to go back to school, like you always said you wanted to do. Recently fired? This could be the time you need, to perfect your craft and present it to the world. Evicted? Maybe this is exactly what you needed, to relocate…to leave that dead place.. or that dead relationship.

I’m not saying we can’t feel, or experience pain. You should always allow yourself to feel. What I suggest is that above the loud sounds of weeping, resentment and pain, you try to hear what the future could be saying.. and step, accordingly.

Love & Light

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