Monday, December 28, 2020

I'm starting the New Year today...I think!

 I feel like this is the perfect time to go ahead and take the Christmas Tree down. 

I actually want to get a head start on cleaning and organizing my home, as well as my social media, contacts in my cell phone, and definitely my mental, physical and spiritual being. 

cleaning up mr clean GIF by ADWEEK

For me, I cant find the benefits of waiting until January 1st. We often give a lot of power to dates, when, in my opinion, it becomes important, once WE DECLARE it important. You know, kinda like how your child's birthday may be on a Tuesday, but the party is Saturday, because that's when you deem it convenient to celebrate with friends and family? To me, the New Year is the same way. 

Why do I need people in my phone contacts, from 3 jobs ago? Why do I need clothes in my closet that are too big, too small or too ugly? Why have I kept these things, and why would I wait until January 1 to purge? Now don't get me wrong, New Year's is only in a couple of days, so it's not like I'm getting a really big head start, but its enough time to wash the sheets and remove "my old boss" from my phone

bored cell phone GIF

I want to arrange my calendar(and by 'arrange' I mean actually use my calendar)

I want to organize my office.

I want to do some juicing. 

And I want to balance stress a little better.(And by balance stress, I mean possibly implementing marijuana into my daily life BECAUSE WHEW!!!!!!

Enjoy your New Year's guys!!! This year has been one that will go down in history!

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  1. I have always been told that when you point your fingers at someone, there are three pointed back at you. We really need to stop being critical and look into the mirror cause we all got flaws, blemishes, scars. Do not take it to heart.