Saturday, October 25, 2014


       It is the calming in the midst of the storm. When things are running amuck, and night is falling so fast that you've forgotten about the sun. I am a firm believer that when it rains, it pours. You wreck your car on Monday, lose your job on Tuesday, and by Wednesday you have a cough that sends your family under a sheet of panic---because clearly, YOU HAVE EBOLA! The dog won't stop barking, the kids won't stop fighting, all while you struggle to find your house keys, that are so patiently waiting in your bra. The house phone is ringing, because you butt-dialed with your cell phone, and the neighbor is knocking on the door, to ask you if you know that your car is dented on the driver's side!!!!!! What a week huh? Frustration and Pain are two of the fairest emotions of all. They don't discriminate against gender, religion, culture or creed. They give freely; to all of us.
It is in times like these, where quiet places and still peace is so very vital to your balance....even in your storm.
Oftentimes, when people speak of pain..and trial & tribulations... the story line is quite familiar. The beginning is awful, and the ending is victorious.  You can often hear some people say "what the devil meant for bad, God meant for my good!". This of course, is not pertaining to a bad hair day...those never work out for your good..unless a generous old lady sees your hair and perceives you to be homeless, and gives you a bag of which you find an awesome vintage clutch:), because hey, you can never go wrong with a vintage clutch.

     The middle, after you've accepted that this thing has happened, but before you've realized a solution to fix it. The middle, when your vision can be so easily blurred by what you see, and you are too broken and logical to focus on what you don't see. Try and find a place of peace..or a small gesture that will provoke calming and soothing reactions. In the middle of all of the hell you may be facing.. regardless of what it may be... You must find that thing. Play your favorite song.. even though you don't know all the words. Read your favorite scripture.. even though you don't understandeth why they putteth an 'eth' on everything. Watch Scandal On Demand (Can you believe I've never watched a single episode?), rearrange your furniture, even though you have strategically placed the loveseat to the extreme right side of the wall, because there's a disrespectful hole in the wall. Try exercise...or even create a secret place. I didn't create it, but my secret place is the mall..or practically anywhere that sells women's shoes..AND chocolate covered almonds.  Sometimes, I play old school R& reminds me of my childhood, when I was so unaware of life. I sing really really loud and off key, and though I sound like a drunken hyena that just lost a foot to always makes me laugh. 

One thing that life guarantees is hardship. And though we are not equipped with instruction manuals, we don't have to be overtaken by the things that hurt..or get us off track sometimes.

 Make time to be still, and make room for peace..even when you feel that your current situation has exceeded your capacity to endure. It's not what happens to you that matters.. its how you deal with it. So scream...kick..cry....and even take off running naked. Do what you need to do. But don't forget to grab your peace in the middle. Your situation can ALWAYS get worse. Trust me.



  1. I needed this today more than you could imagine. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom with the world!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. E.J. whenever that book drop it will be amazing.....keep up the GREAT work.....your fingers be working magic on that keyboard....#GoAllIn

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  4. You can't go wrong with a positive message and a good laugh... Love It!!

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