Monday, November 24, 2014


I find it odd how we can so easily point out the flaws of others, as though we do not realize our own, bursting from the seams of retail curtains and name brand window treatments. Our secrets..dripping from our pockets, our addictions..dangling like earrings…or vices ..caught up in our zippers. Issues…bold and busy, yet we so often take time away from our defects to laugh…and point out the visible flaws of others. How so? Why? What is the point?

I noticed a young lady at the bus stop. I could tell she had confidence, but couldn’t understand why. She was overweight. Her hair wasn’t perfect, her nails were chipped, and she was missing a button from her blouse…she tried to hide we all do at times.. you use a safety pin on the inside of the shirt. If you’re observant can easily find the silver of the safety pin running through the loops. My friends and I gave each other “the Look”…you know..the one that says everything with the eyes and nothing with the lips. A few of us giggled and eyed her shoes….they were so ‘last season’. The mere fact that she paired those hideous shoes with a refurbished blouse…her entire outfit was completely laughable!!!! One of my friends swelled her jaws to mimic the girl’s weight. I giggled quietly, so as not to make her aware that we were bullying her; and stripping her to shreds with our eyes and snickering whispers.  I was so tickled with my friends and the outfit! I put my head down to hide my laughing and that’s when I looked at my feet. My shoes…these were my sister’s shoes that she gave me out of pity. She was so tired of seeing me in the same shoes every single day, regardless of the outfit. My sister knew I was having money troubles and rather than charge me for the second hand items, she just gave them to me. My giggles eased up. I kind of tucked my head in my coat- another slice of reality. A lady invited me to church and afterwards, there was a peacoat lying on the back pew. She picked it up and said “here’s your’re gonna need it for that wind”. The cold draft just wouldn’t let me be honest. It wasn’t mine… In fact, I didn’t even own one at the time. I fell behind on my rent at my apartment and couldn’t even afford a moving I left everything-including my coat.  I accepted the coat..and though it was the perfect fit…it was ill-obtained. My laughing stopped altogether.

My friends, still tickled by the laughter, seemed so ignorant now. How dare I laugh at anyone?! I had just moved back home with my mother, because of a failed relationship.  I had two kids whom I’d never even taken to a waterpark! I’ve never been to a casino or a concert! What was so funny to me!!?? As a matter fact WE ALL WERE STANDING AT THE BUS STOP, we didn’t even have cars!!!!! I sat down on the bench, covered in conviction. Thinking. What was so funny to any of us? The answer is simple: NOTHING. Nothing at all.
*author's note: This is not a personal experience,  nevertheless,  it is something to think about*

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