Tuesday, September 29, 2015


            Let’s be logical. When you take the time out to buy a gift for a loved one, you make sure it’s special. You make sure it fits their character…their personality. You’ve studied them, watched them evolve and have figured out the perfect gift to present to them.  You’ve saved money for this extra special gift. You’ve made certain to keep it in appropriate conditions until the time is right.  You’ve kept it away from people who would harm it, or even uncover its existence before the right time.   After all of this preparation, the only thing left to do is present it, in the right sized box.  Of course you always check out the cheaper boxes…after all, the box isn’t as half as important as the gift, right?  All of the cheaper boxes are either too small, or not strong enough to hold this special gift. Up until now, cheaper boxes have always been the “go to” route…everyone in your family uses the cheaper boxes. So you follow the trend, and purchase the cheaper box.

You find contentment in the money you saved, and hurry home to complete the last step of gifting.  You go to that secret place that has hidden your special gift, carefully pull it out, and place it in the traditional, cheap box. The box, though wide enough to hold the bottom surface of this special gift, is not big enough to actually contain it.  This is so odd, considering that every other gift has fit perfectly in the cheaper boxes; your mom’s gifts…your dad’s gifts… every gift, a sure fit. But now..your special gift, cannot rely on the measurements of what sustained gifts from the past.  Your special gift cannot rely on the height nor width of the traditional boxes to protect it or cover it.  No matter how you position this gift, it will not fit. You move it to the left…try for the right…you even opt to lay it down inside the traditional box, but nevertheless, the gift just won’t fit. You notice the special gift laying there..the grooves in the exterior, the polished ends…. in a box that wasn’t even created to hold such a gift. This gift is extravagant..this gift is special, and has now been placed in nothing more than processed paper.

Let’s leave logic. So many of us, hold home dear to our hearts. Home should be sacred…it should be a place where one can be human and imperfect and still receive love. But the truth is, for a lot of people, your gift…your dream.. cannot fit into the traditional circumference of home. And as awkward as it may feel, you can’t keep stuffing your gigantic gift into a cheap traditional box, just because it was sufficient space for everyone else in your family.  Sometimes, your gift is just too big for tradition, and truth be told, a move…a different space…..a different setting… at some point, is going to be necessary if you want to protect your gift.

Unfortunately, home can be the very crime scene, where your gift is murdered. And discouragement and doubt often come from the mouths of family and friends. Analyze your gift and your surroundings….is the atmosphere conducive…is it beneficial to your gift?  Can you grow?  Or have you grown stagnant because the ‘box’ is ill equipped to hold you? Sometimes you gotta leave home, and the guilt that comes with growth won’t kill you. You know for yourself, that you are gifted, just as well as you know …that in order to grow, sometimes you gotta go. You have to bid home, aka the comfort zone, farewell; the very life of your dream is depending on it.
p.s. Just in case you have a hard time understanding the message, check out fellow youtuber, Kevonstage, here:

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