Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Politely Sitting This One Out

Chile, the people have stormed the Federal Buildings and have made it home safely, for a nice warm bowl of porridge and beets. Isn't that phenomenal!
A part of me wonders how people can really believe that this type of behavior is really okay, but then the other part of me says "mind your business mam, this isn't your fight"

We will laugh and mock and play, because that is simply what we do, but honestly, this is disgusting to watch. The truth is, the world is forced to watch, what we all knew to be true:

The United States ain't united.

A kneeling knee is more offensive than a revolt against The American Constitution.

Black Folks would have never made it inside; would have been killed 2 streets over.

Be safe my family, be safe.


  1. I fact checked the above post and found ZERO lies

  2. I started watching your video and clicked this. I am so glad to read this and I feel the same way. This is not our fight and they have to see themselves and face their hypocrisy. I am so inpired by you and your platform. Keep going!!!

  3. Unfortunately, it's true. Too many people in this country are disgusting. But thinking about it, it seems that's always been the case.

  4. Agreed, I was appalled when the story appeared (I had been watching the electoral count) while watching my computer. When my daughter peacefully protested along with friends and family for George Floyd (and they did nothing but walk) they were gassed, and shot with rubber bullets.

  5. No ma'am the United States ain't United ❗

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  6. Very much agree. Stay safe and prayed up

  7. The expression on the doll's face...

  8. just here to comment right quickAugust 7, 2021 at 8:46 PM

    Agreed... Not our fight. If the last year has taught me anything, it's that... I'ma just say it... White people who choose to see themselves/other people/the world a certain way cannot be convinced to see otherwise or even acknowledge that it's possible for any perspective but their own to be valid. It's those deep superiority/arrogance issues that we see play out time and again in both everyday life and in the news/politics. I'm not referring to all white people, just (like I said) the ones who choose to see things a certain way. So I decided to just "let the fools have their way," as my mother says, and gave up trying to make people understand who have no interest or inclination to understand. The Lord Himself would have to work on their hearts to make them change.

  9. but it's ok to burn our cities, and kill our children in the streets...great