Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Day I'll Never Forget

It was the moment I knew something was wrong.
Have you ever felt a pain in the pit of your stomach? It was the signal..the let you know that something was about to go wrong. You couldn’t put your finger on it just yet, but your discernment and physical responses were enough to confirm the worst. It was almost an unbearable pain.. my stomach was turning in the sloppiest circles, while my mind was trying to reflect on what had just happened to me. I had been violated once before, but never to this extent. This type of pain..this type of fear..a shaking in my nerves, could only mean one thing.  I sat still trying to calm myself down. Jumping and erupting my physical being never helped in situations like these.  I was so upset. I felt deceived..and even betrayed. The very people I trusted had let me down. You try not to become impulsive and instantly react with anger, but of course, when their is money involved…you just know things won’t turn out well.  
I wished this situation could have been avoided. After all, I followed all of the proper steps; I followed all of the rules. It was inevitable-->I was going to have to deal with this situation. There was no way could I just sit there and endure the pain of bodily earthquakes and shattered expectations. I slowly stood up. I took one step at a time, trying to secrete my tears...I headed straight towards the bathroom.
The smell to follow told exactly what happened. My nostrils began to sweat from the dreadful smell and I immediately became furious. I was very specific WITH MY ORDER when I plainly stated: “May I please have a #2 with cheese, no onions, no mustard?”  I PAID $7.87 FOR THAT COMBO MEAL!!!! I HATE MUSTARD!!!!
              How dare she treat me as though I was a homeless woman in line at the local Soup Kitchen, that should just be grateful that there was any soup left?!For the young lady to just distribute and bless my burger bun with it, speaks volumes of how people will hurt you!  I trusted her and she played on my emotions. And although it was a difficult decision to make, That was the last day I ate at "Sandwich Prince" (names have been altered to protect the innocent).
                     I hope and pray you guys never run into the Mustard Mayhem Missionary:))
                         The weekend is almost here guys, make sure you enjoy it!!!!

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